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About The Artist

Jessica Bush grew up in the 1960s in the northern suburbs of New York City – paintbrush in hand, surrounded by art and idealism. Her parents were instrumental in fostering her artistic spirit, raising their family in a Frank Lloyd Wright-style house designed by her father, Alfred. An architectural engineer who apprenticed with Wright and helped build Taliesin West in Arizona, he was a prolific artist whose vision was way ahead of its time. 

Her mother, Gertrude, was equally influential in setting Jessica on an unconventional path. The first person – and woman – in her family to put herself through college, her mom earned her Masters in Early Childhood Development from NYU and was a dedicated advocate for mental and emotional health. She helped Jessica understand the delicate balance required to become strong within herself.

Jessica does art from a very young age

Jessica created art from a very young age.

Bush Family Photo

Jessica recalls visiting the Guggenheim Museum at age seven with her father and being mesmerized by Wasily Kandinsky’s use of color, movement, shape and line. She later studied drawing and painting, immersing herself in exploring a broad spectrum of artists and art movements. It was a prolific period during which her own artistic style was heavily influenced by Abstract Expressionism. Inspired by Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock, she tapped into the mystical, magical process of connecting spontaneously with her intuition and dropping into her “creative zone.”

Birthdays were always fun with Jessica's family.

With her keen eye and innate knowledge of what constitutes a strong piece versus a weaker one, Jessica started selling art in Manhattan. It was a career that evolved over 30 years in different capacities – including running galleries and getting into the wholesale market –and enabled this self-described “people person” to connect with others who responded emotionally to artists and their work.

When the art market stalled during the recession, Jessica turned her attention to business and built a successful Tutor Doctor franchise that has allowed her to weave together the twin legacies of her parents. She sees the emotional connection between each student and their learning progress and seeks creative, out-of-the-box solutions to helping them overcome even the most difficult challenges. Running her own business has also given her the flexibility to devote time to nurturing her daughter’s blossoming creativity – bringing Jessica more deeply in touch with her own artistic center.

Photo of Jessica's dad working on Taliesin West.

 Jessica's Dad Alfred, apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright, building Taliesin West, circa 1940's.

Photo of Jessica in college, standing next to one of her paintings.

Artist Statement

"For me, Abstract Expressionism is an expression of our inner feelings, our inner thoughts and our energy. I feel the energy of people and of nature, and this energy, this movement, flows naturally – through me and from me – when I am drawing or painting.

Only recently have I learned that creating is a spiritual process that has fueled the development of my intuitive ability. I free my mind, almost as in a meditation, and colors, lines and shapes emerge automatically.

Along with a connection to artists I have long admired, my work is a way for me to honor my parents. They gave me the freedom to discover that creative energy and art is not what I do – it is who I am. I am thrilled to share this with the world."

 Jessica in art school with her painting.

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